A Second Act


The idea of The Second Act was something that Steven Martin referred to in an interview.  It was in reference to his going out on the road and playing banjo with his band later in life, after his many successes in comedy and film.  This resonated with with me, as one does not get to the end of a career and just stops.  It is ever evolving.


In my own case, I have danced around photography since my father give me my first camera, a hand me down Hanimex Practica after he had purchased a Canon AE-1.  After training at the Art Center College of Design, with a degree in fine art, I found that maybe shooting commercially was not what I wanted.  Twists and turns have lead me through many things.  Studio management, Art Buying, Production.  And though I still do many of these things, my passion for shooting has been rekindled.  A new creative outlet. My Second Act.


Continuing resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, where I was born and raised.


Philip Pavliger

Santa Rosa, CA


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